Supporting civil society under pressure – lessons from natural resource exploitation

Carolijn Terwindt und Christian Schliemann
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. in Kooperation mit dem European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights | 2017

There is a great demand on the world market for mineral, fossil, and agricultural resources, which leads to natural resources such as water, land, and forests being put to industrial or commercial use. How a country deals with its natural resources is not only a question of economy and ecology; it is also an issue of how citizens participate in decisions about the use of natural resources. Not surprisingly, projects involving the exploitation of natural resources elicit strong reactions from local communities and civil society. The analysis of pressures on civic space in the context of natural resource governance thus needs to take into account the global economy of raw materials, legislation on natural resource exploitation and the procedures to obtain approval for individual projects involving the use of land.

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