E-paper-series on Egypt: Stability is an illusion

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung | 2017

After the euphoria of the “Arab spring”, the picture of the countries south of the Mediterranean in Germany and Europe seem primarily determined by fear of terror and concerns about migrant “flows”. That equally applies to the German and European policy towards Egypt: Although he came to office through a military coup and despite continued severe human rights violations, German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel described the Egyptian president Abdelfattah El-Sisi as a “formidable president”. The analyses of the Egyptian security, anti-terror and economic policy as well as the role of the Egyptian military were done by Egyptian, Arab and European experts with relations to renowned European think tanks and universities. They prove that the asserted “stability” of the Egyptian regime and its alleged efficiency in fighting terrorism and (potentially) illegal migration contain lots of rhetorics and little substance. Long-term strategies would be needed rather than short-term “solutions” and deals made against the backdrop of election dates.

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