FriEnt's Members

Members' Publications

Capacity Development in Situations of Conflict and Fragility

German Approaches and Lessons Learned by GIZ

GIZ | 2015

Sensitive to Conflict? Development Cooperation and Peacebuilding in the Palestinian Context

UAR Working Paper No. 8

UAMR Graduate Centre for Development Studies | 2015

The role of elections in peace processes

When and how they advance stability or exacerbate conflicts

UNSSC, ZIF | 2015

The Rise of Religious Radicalism in the Arab World

Significance, Implications and Counter-Strategies

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung | 2015

Development for Peace and Security

Development Policy in the Context of Conflict, Fragility and Violence

BMZ | 2015
A New Deal for the Peacebuilding Commission?

A New Deal for the Peacebuilding Commission?

Report | 3 November 2014

FriEnt | 2015

Activism in Difficult Times

Civil Society Groups in Syria 2011 - 2014

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung | 2015

FriEnt Members

The FriEnt members are united by their great commitment to peace and development. They vary, however, in their size, mandate, international partners, projects and approaches. FriEnt's members aim to utilise their divers perspectives and experience as an asset for their shared productive work on peacebuilding in the context of development cooperation.