Our people

Each FriEnt member organisation delegates one staffer to the FriEnt team. They split their working time between FriEnt and their own organisation. This structure ensures that there is intensive interaction between the FriEnt team and its member organisations. In addition, the team comprises non-affiliated staff responsible for FriEnt's central services.

Natascha Zupan

T + 49(0) 228 / 4460 3509
E natascha.zupan(at)frient.de

Anja Justen

Network manager for FriEnt
Project manager for FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2020

T +49 228 4460-3579
E anja.justen(at)frient.de

Elsa Benhöfer
Policy Officer for International Processes

T +49(0) 228 / 4460 3437
E elsa.benhoefer(at)frient.de

Kirsten Jantke
Communication consultant

T +49 228 4460 3622
E kirsten.jantke@frient.de


Konstantin Bärwaldt
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Topics: international processes and changing global frameworks, peacebuilding and security 

E konstantin.baerwaldt(at)fes.de

Dr. Tanja Kasten
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Topics: international processes, security and peacebuilding

T +49 228 4460-3558
E tanja.kasten@frient.de 

Angelika Spelten
Institute für Development and Peace (INEF)/ Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management

Topics: Prevention and Democratic Transformation
Region: East Africa, Mali

E angelika.spelten(at)frient.de

Sylvia Servaes 

Topic: Transitional Justice, DM&E

E sylvia.servaes(at)frient.de

Sonja Vorwerk-Halve
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Topics: Strengthening constructive state-society relations
Country: Nepal

T +49(0) 228 / 4460 3497
E sonja.vorwerk-halve@frient.de

Caroline Kruckow
Bread for the World 

Topic: Land conflicts
Region: South Caucasus

E caroline.kruckow(at)frient.de

Christina Bermann-Harms
Civil Peace Service Consortium (CPS)

Regional focus: Middle East, West- and East Africa

E bermann-harms@ziviler-friedensdienst.org


Anne Krahnstöver

Junior advisor for international processes and global dialogue

T: 0228 4460 4311

E: anne.krahnstoever@frient.de

Martin Mader

Junior advisor for international processes and global dialoue

T: 0228 4460 4253

E: martin.mader@frient.de